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Vanhee Pigeon strains

Due to his long breeding history, the Vanhee pigeons are officially considered as a “strain”.

For this Vanhee is rewarded as “Best European Breeder Long Distance and more than 75 years in pigeon sport“.

Over the years the Vanhee strain was developed into five lines.

  1. Atoom – line, based on “Atoom”, 3002042/59, 1st National Limoges winner 1962
  2. Motta – line, based on “Motta”, 3100031/63, top racer of the Vanhee loft and the most famous pigeon worldwide
  3. Patrick – line, based on “Patrick”, 3100031/64, Gold Medal winner Olympiad Katowiczse 1969
  4. Napoleon – line, based on “Napoleon”, 3104180/74, 1st International Narbonne 1978
  5. Tobias – line, Janssen Arendonk – line, used by Vanhee to bring speed into his long distance lines



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