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  • FUGARE, Kortrijk (Belgium) : 17-18 th February 2024
  • Internationaler Taubermarkt, Kassel (Germany) : 30.11-01.12.2024


A&M VANHEE won again a 1st National Tulle 6.842 year birds
and the fastest of all 16.605 birds !

BE 21-3093290 Red Hen
Distance 589,420km
Velocity 1391,84 m/min

This make a total of 20x 1st Nationals in the Vanhee history !

Victory Power Pills 3000+

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(EN) Victory Power Pills 3000+ - energy pill.

Victory Power Pills 3000+ is an energy and resistance supporting vitamin preparation.

Victory Power Pills 3000+, is rich in vitamins B and C, helps strengthen the resistance and has a reinforcing action on the nerves and supports the muscles.

Victory Power Pills 3000+ reinforces the immune systems thanks to its extraordinary composition of essential materials, reinforces the intestinal flor and supports the circulation. Helps against tiredness and stress.

Victory Power Pills 3000+ has an extremely high energetic value so that there is a surprising improvement of the endurance, it supports the forming of muscles, and it improves the condition of the pigeon.

Panax ginseng and maca extract are natural, stimulating substances improving the endurance, are resistance and energy increasing, and stimulate the muscles. Panax ginseng and maca stimulate the drive(stimulate the urge of mating), build up physical condition and accelerates the recuperation after the race. Have a positive influence on the fertility (especially with older breeding pigeons).

Directions for use:

  • Apply before basketing:
    • short distance: 1 pill on the day before basketing.
    • middle distance: 2 pills on the day before basketing.
    • long distance: 2 pills on the day of basketing.
    • extreme long distance: 2 pills before and on the day of basketing.
  • After the race, for a faster recuperation: 1 to 2 pills.
  • In the case of weakened pigeons: 1 to 2 pills a day during 1 week.
  • During the breeding period: 1 pill, 5 consecutive days before laying the first egg.
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